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2019 Holiday Party to support IMAGINE!
Imagine! is creating a world of opportunity for all abilities. Imagine!’s Service Departments offer a continuum of services designed to meet the needs, goals, and desires of the individuals they serve throughout their entire lives.

Each year, they have a holiday drive for the clients they serve. Make a donation to support Imagine!
Progress: $ 800.00 received toward our goal of $ 750.00
2019 Holiday Photos
To purchase the 2019 Holiday Photos Online, simply pay your full amount here!  Photos are $9 per image for a digital download. It you would like prints it's $4 per 4x6, $8 per 5X7 and $12 per 8x10. It takes about 3-5 business days to get images back once ordered. Our photographer will place 2 orders for prints, 12/17 & 12/19 by 7pm.
To order, make a donation in the total amount of the
2020 #kindnessduringchaos

Mary Ann De Martin has kicked off a program to create make masks with a pocket for a filter. If you would like to help contribute, please donate here.


If you contribute to or make masks yourself please tag your posts with this hashtag


I am making these for medical professionals who have NO MASKS. I’m not selling at this time.


Here’s my version of how to make face masks. They have an adjustable more piece and a pocket for a filter.


Thank you Denise Del Gianni for putting my instructions together in these photos.


I started with this video but made my own adjustments for better fit and ease of sewing. They take about 10 minutes each once all materials are cut.


I’m using 15” x 7.5” 100% cotton tightly woven and washed and dried before cutting.


Filter is non-fusible interfacing or HEPA filter. It needs to be able to be thrown away. You can also use dry floor mop pads (like swiffer) or wipes but the interfacing or HEPA are the best to my understanding. It needs to be non woven and the heavier the better.


I used any size elastic from skinny rolled up to 3/8” wide. This is just what I could get my hands on. You could also use ties around the head if you don’t have elastic.


If you are interested in making some please DONATE to our medical professionals who are trying to save lives without risking their own and their family’s!


If you have any questions please let me know. If you’d like to donate to help me make more, thank you for your help! Xox

Progress: $ 40.00 received toward our goal of $ 0.00
Avista Hospital - Destination for Breast Health
In recognition of Breast Health Month, MOD Moms will be supporting Avista Adventist Hospital in their project to create a Destination for Breast Health. This nonprofit hospital supports many families in our local area. The first $10,000 raised will be matched by a supporter of the project.
Progress: $ 5,832.00 received toward our goal of $ 10,000.00
Avista Hospital - Infusion Center
The Infusion Center at Avista Adventist Hospital serves about 2000 women annually for chemotherapy and other infusion services. The dedicated nurses inside the Infusion Center want to ensure the best experience for the patients and are asking for the communities support in donating cute winter hats, head wraps, warm blankets, cozy socks, lip balm, and hard candies for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment at the center. Many times the rooms are cold, the infusion treatment leaves a bad taste in the patients mouth or makes them cold. With Avista Adventist Hospital being a non profit hospital, we appreciate any help from our community. MOD Moms will be accepting financial donations. If you would like to make a donation directly, please donate here and designate MOD Moms!
Crayons to Calculators
Donations to the Crayons to Calculators campaign.
This fund is to be used by our Sponsors.
Working Moms - Headshots by Carol Burkett
February 2019 Working Moms will be at 740 Front.
Carol Burkett will take headshots of the 1st 10 Working Moms who sign up and pay $25 in advance or $50 at the event.
Appetizers will be provided by our Sponsor, Elisabeth Nelson.
Thank you to Barbara Jaynes for organizing this group, Elisabeth Nelson for sponsoring this group and Carol Burkett for taking the time out to provide these headshots for our MOD Moms Working Moms!